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Welcome to Clínica Médica General

Clinica Medica General is a comprehensive system of patient care, with over 20 years of experience providing high quality services to the entire Hispanic community.

Clinica Medica General has seven health centers located in: Los Angeles, Huntington Park, Van Nuys, East Los Angeles, El Monte, Beverly Hills and Santa Ana to accommodate the needs of our patients.

We offer a modern certified laboratory at our locations and also provide referrals to first class surgical centers as well as radiology centers with state of the art equipment.

Dr. Daniel is the most recognized Medical Director in the Hispanic community of Southern California. He is an American College of Surgery Certified Surgeon with more than 30 years of experience, with thousands of surgeries under his sleeve, professor of surgeons, former President of the Hispanic Doctors College (CHAMA), he is also consultant for TV Shows, radio and press. He was the host of the sucessful radio show “Hola Doctor Daniel” that later became a TV Show. Currently, Dr. Daniel can be seen every monday at noon on Noticias 62 in the segment “Minuto Medico” of Estrella TV and Univision’s A Primera Hora.



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Psychology Department

Have you ever felt asphyxiated by your problems? At Clinica Medica General’ s Psychology Department we understand the burden of ...

Club de Plata

Club de Plata is an exclusive program from Clinica Medica General, created by Dr. Daniel Dunkelman with the purpose of ...


Clinica Medica General has the support of LabAll, the most complete laboratory in the area.
    Among the services ...


The ultrasound equipment uses high frequency sound waves to create images of the organs and structures inside the body. A ...


Clinica Medica General has a Radiology Department at each of our locations for the comfort of our patients. The procedure ...


At Clinica Medica General we have a great team of specialists in ophthalmology, optometry and surgeons for an effective diagnosis ...


Clinica Medica General’s Podiatry Department is comprised of the best podiatrists in the area, provides exclusive laser treatments and has ...

Dermatology | Skin Care

At Clinica Medica General’s Dermatology and Skin Care Center we have the best professional and the most modern equipment for ...

Pain Management

At Clinica Medica General’s Orthopedic Center we understand how unbearable the chronic pain of bones, joints and muscles can be ...


The term hemorrhoids refers to a condition in which the veins around the anus are swollen and irritated. Hemorrhoids in ...

Male Health

The Urology Department of Clinica Medica General has the mission to prevent diseases, cure them and promote men’s health. Male ...

Family Planning

Clinica Medica General’s Maternity and OBGYN Center has been created with women as our priority. At this Center you will ...

Feminine Health

Clinica Medica General’s Gynecological Center is comprised of highly qualified professionals and the most modern equipment for the precise diagnosis ...


Clinica Medica General’s Department of Nutrition has the best professionals taking care of your health and the optimization of your ...


The Gastroenterology Department of Clinica Medica General is dedicated to the look after your stomach. Our mission if the prevention ...


Clinica Medica General’s Cardiology Department has the best Latino medical specialists and high quality equipment for the diagnosis, analysis and ...