Santa Ana


Natalia-feriozzi_1Manager: Natalia Ferozzi

Hello my name is Natalia I am originally from Argentina, a country full of nuances and multicultural. I graduated in Foreign and Domestic Commerce. I have been working for Clinica Medica General for about five years, fully integrated into the vision of my clinic is to serve the patient with great care, professionalism and understanding.

Personally I feel completely identified with the work I do and we all do at Clinica Medica group; right now I’m the manager of the General Medical Clinic of Santa Ana, a clinic with Latin roots where all patients are valued equally and with the warmth that a family can provide. We are known for excellent service and friendliness that we provide to each of our patients thus creating a familiar and emotional bond between patient, employee.

We are a constantly growing clinic with over 25 years of service to the community and with the goal of meeting away our patients to prevent disease taking care of them and reminding them that a general check up in time saves lives.

On behalf of the entire group of Clinica Medica General Santa Ana welcome!

Santa Ana

We are located on Main St.

505 N. Main St. Santa Ana, California 91401
Phone: 818-901-9090