East Los Angeles


Manager: Mary Avina

My name is Mary Avina 35 yrs old Latina with a very positive attitude and with a lot of experience in all walk of life. I have been married 14 yrs and have four wonderful boys, whom are the motivation of accomplishing more in life.

I have been on the medical field as a medical assistant since 1998 I became Manager of the first clinic I worked for and have continued in the field. I adore my patients and would never think of changing my career for the fact that I can make a difference on a human being life by making sure they get the best quality treatment. I have grown stronger strategies with all the experience at CMG and cannot be more than Happy Managing and helping all my patients in all there needs.



We are located on Whittier Blvd. The parking (FREE!) is behind the clinic on Findlay Ave.

6125 Whittier Blvd Los Angeles, California 90022
Phone: 323-887-0000