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About Us

General Medical Clinic was founded in 1986 by Dr. Daniel Dunkelman, the most recognized Medical Director in Southern California. It is Surgeon certified by the American College of Surgery with over 40 years of experience as an educator, surgeon, teacher of surgeons and has been Chairman of Hispanic Medical Association (CHAMA).

Dr. Dunkelman is a graduate of the prestigious University of Buenos Aires, performing his residency at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles where he currently resides. The Doctor is also founder and CEO of all medical centers Medical Clinic General whose 6 locations in Southern California are serving the Latino community for over 25 years.

Our operations center and first medical center is located in Los Angeles, against Mac Arthur Park. Over time, we were adding other facilities such as five clinics, and full service medical laboratory and certified in California, as well as a Medical Independent Practice Association (IPA), which contracts with insurance companies.

Our medical centers are characterized by their excellence in patient care and provide references to the best health centers in southern California.

In addition we are proud to participate in partnership with Health Net in the first draft insurance Latino health, called “Salud con Health Net”, a health plan low cost insurance that helps cover all the medical needs of the Hispanic community.

Know Your Clinic

Los Angeles

East Los Angeles


Huntington Park


El Monte


Van Nuys


Santa Ana



We define quality beyond providing the best medical care. Quality means finding the needs of our patients and the community we serve. This includes keeping a good relationship between employers and employees in the area to serve your needs. As a company with hundreds of employees, we are able to identify many of the needs of your company.

We recognize that reducing absenteeism and maintain high morale and employee productivity is a primary objective in any employer. Keeping employees healthy, we reach those goals and precisely at this point is where we can make a difference. To help employers whose employees are our patients, we developed two programs that have proven to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity and worker morale at no cost to the company or to employees.

Employee Health Program: free health screenings, health talks in Spanish, immunization and vaccination for children, adult influenza vaccines and preventive examinations in their own workplace or outside working hours.
We have several locations in Los Angeles, East Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Huntington Park and El Monte, which open during weekends and extended hours so as not to conflict with working hours, and so avoid unnecessary absenteeism.

To contact a representative, or get more information about Employee Health Program, by phone call 213-637-2544 x312 or contact us via the email:

East Los Angeles


Manager: Mary Avina

My name is Mary Avina 35 yrs old Latina with a very positive attitude and with a lot of experience in all walk of life. I have been married 14 yrs and have four wonderful boys, whom are the motivation of accomplishing more in life.

I have been on the medical field as a medical assistant since 1998 I became Manager of the first clinic I worked for and have continued in the field. I adore my patients and would never think of changing my career for the fact that I can make a difference on a human being life by making sure they get the best quality treatment. I have grown stronger strategies with all the experience at CMG and cannot be more than Happy Managing and helping all my patients in all there needs.



We are located on Whittier Blvd. The parking (FREE!) is behind the clinic on Findlay Ave.

6125 Whittier Blvd Los Angeles, California 90022
Phone: 323-887-0000

El Monte


Manager: Marcela Figueroa

Hello my name is Marcela, manager of General Medical Clinic in El Monte. I’m from Chile, a beautiful country where the people are very friendly. I am the youngest of 5 siblings. I grew up surrounded by love and joy with my brothers, mother and friends. I majored in business administration. I have always loved the area of customer service and helping to address and solve the problems of the people.

I have been working at Clinica Medica General for 10 years. I am very proud to work for this great clinic with over 25 years of experience, where we focus on helping our patients making health examination on time to keep them healthy and happy. I love what I do, to inform and coordinate all questions and doubts my patients have at Clinica Medica General in El Monte.



El estacionamiento (GRATIS!) esta al frente de la Clinica en la calle Valley Mall.

11206 Valley Mall El Monte, California 91731
Phone: 626-443-4300

Huntington Park


Manager: Lourdes Perez

Hello, my name is Lourdes Perez and received my medical degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico. Twenty-six years ago I came to America and joined the Clinica Medica General family serving patients in the latino community of Huntington Park and Los Angeles.

My main goal as manager of Huntington Park Clinic is to make sure that patients are aware of the different resources and services the clinic provides as well as providing the highest quality care to my patients.

Huntington Park


Estamos sobre la calle Pacific Blvd.

6347 Pacific Blvd Huntington Park, California 90255
Phone: 323-583-8383

Los Angeles

Manager: Carlos Brik










El estacionamiento (GRATIS!) esta de tras de la Clinica en la calle Lake.

2208 W 7th Street Los Angeles, California 90057
Phone: 323-221-1111



Clinica Medica General offers primary care and can refer you to the following services provided below.

Medicina General


In the gynecologist center at Clinica Medica General we have highly qualified professionals with the most modern equipment for diagnosis and successful treatment of all diseases, infections and problems of the female reproductive system. Our specialists will help you find the cause of all menstrual disorder, to detect and cure diseases and sexually transmitted infections as well as malfunctioning of your reproductive organs. Likewise, the gynecological center will help you deal with hormonal problems, infertility problems and will offer you alternatives to help in the transition to menopause.



In General Medical Clinic we have experienced specialists in ophthalmology, optometry and surgeons for effective diagnosis and effective treatment in the care of their eyes. In the department of ophthalmology, treat all kinds of health problems such as ocular system: Cataracts, Glaucoma, Pterygium, Chalazion and other eye diseases. To do this, we have teams of high technology and a surgical center. Likewise, we also offer surgery drooping eyelids (Blesfaroplastia) in which excess skin is removed eyelids. This operation not only allows you to increase the field of vision, but also improves your physical appearance, giving a more youthful and rested appearance.


Family Planning

The Maternity Center of Clinica Medica General has been created with women in mind as our priority. In this center you will get the best quality specialists in gynecology and obstetrics care of you and your baby. Likewise, in the center you have laboratory services for their analysis of blood, urine, glucose, etc. You you could see your baby from the time your pregnancy is confirmed through an ultrasound and receive a picture that you could keep for life, so remembering the wonderful moment when I first saw her baby.



The Recent advances in research and technology in the field of medicine have dramatically changed the methods used by doctors to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases commonly associated with the urinary and genital tracts. These disorders affect people of all ages and both sexes. The urologist focuses on healthy functionality of this set of organs and treatments that can be applied when you are not working properly or are sick. For men, the most common problems that require the attention of a urologist are: impotence, infertility, prostate problems, venereal (or sexually transmitted) disease, and urinary tract infections.



Van Nuys

Van Nuys

Manager: Carla Bogran

Hi my name is Carla Bogran, I’m from the beautiful country of Honduras where everyone loves to dance “punta”.

I came to the United States 20 years ago, and I have been working for Clinica Medica General for 14 years. I have had a good experience working here. I have been given the opportunity to demonstrate my skills in different positions, such as marketing and sales. Now, I’m the office manager of the Van Nuys office for Clinica Medica General. As the office manager, I have the opportunity to learn more about the business of customer service and to be an effective manager.

I like to help patients and employees around me. I believe in the quality of service we provide and are satisfied with the positive comments we receive.

Patients have a good experience in our clinic; Clinica Medica General in Van Nuys is a clinic where every patient that comes to us does not need to look elsewhere for medical service. We can provide for all the needs of our patients in the clinic. We can refer to x-ray’s, ultrasound, labs that specialize in a variety of things and plastic surgery for the beauty of the patients. Come on in and we’ll take care of you.

Van Nuys

El estacionamiento (GRATIS!) esta al frente de la Clinica en la calle Valley Mall.

6511 Van Nuys Blvd Van Nuys, California 91401
Phone: 818-901-9090

Santa Ana


Natalia-feriozzi_1Manager: Natalia Ferozzi

Hello my name is Natalia I am originally from Argentina, a country full of nuances and multicultural. I graduated in Foreign and Domestic Commerce. I have been working for Clinica Medica General for about five years, fully integrated into the vision of my clinic is to serve the patient with great care, professionalism and understanding.

Personally I feel completely identified with the work I do and we all do at Clinica Medica group; right now I’m the manager of the General Medical Clinic of Santa Ana, a clinic with Latin roots where all patients are valued equally and with the warmth that a family can provide. We are known for excellent service and friendliness that we provide to each of our patients thus creating a familiar and emotional bond between patient, employee.

We are a constantly growing clinic with over 25 years of service to the community and with the goal of meeting away our patients to prevent disease taking care of them and reminding them that a general check up in time saves lives.

On behalf of the entire group of Clinica Medica General Santa Ana welcome!

Santa Ana

We are located on Main St.

505 N. Main St. Santa Ana, California 91401
Phone: 818-901-9090